Product Design

My Project

The Mission

INvaryant, at its roots, collects health records from all of a patient’s doctors into one account. Beyond its core DNA, the product has big dreams of becoming a full-service health platform for Millennials that combines fitness, nutrition, and genomics data.

So, platform support for Fitbit® device integrations was a massive step towards that goal and deserved an equally splashy launch announcement..

The Strategy

The goal for this announcement campaign had two parts: encourage existing INvaryant users to connect a Fitbit® activity tracker and increase INvaryant’s brand awareness among raving Fitbit® fans.

The big idea for the campaign was that we wanted to pitch the combination of health records and popular fitness apps as such a perfectly natural match, that consumers couldn’t image dealing with healthcare and their workout routine separately anymore.

So, we likened the pairing of INvaryant and Fitbit® to some ultimate combinations, while appealing to the foodie side of INvaryant’s brand following.


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